Pharmaceutical & Sterile Processes


Seal Type: UR-D/80

Media Dairy Products
RPM 35
Temperature 1250 C
Pressure Vacuum to 4 bar

Spherical Dryer

Seal Type:BSMRL-D/85

Media Pharmaceutical Powder
RPM 850
Temperature 1800 C
Pressure Upto 5 bar

Eccentric Pump

Seal Type: SBJ92/43

Media Dairy Products
RPM 3200
Temperature 1400 C
Pressure 14 Bar

Sterile Pump

Seal Type: SBJ92/35

Media Dairy Products
RPM 2500
Temperature 1100 C
Pressure 12 Bar

Centrifugal Pump

Seal Type: SBJ92/45

Media Liquid Foods
RPM 3000
Temperature 800 C
Pressure 18 Bar

Filter Dryer

Seal Type: U154 KL-D/125

Media Pharmecutical Powder
RPM 50
Temperature 1400 C
Pressure Vacuum to 6 bar

Pharmaceutical & Sterile Processes

In addition to meeting technical requirements a seal has to display many other characteristics in connection with cleanliness, health and general legislation. These include for example materials which are compatible with food, smooth and abrasion-proof surfaces which are easy to clean, complete units which can be sterilized and cleaned without having to be dismantled (SIP/CIP). CS-Seals mechanical seals have been used for such demanding applications with great success in sterile processes. Our range of mechanical seals includes a broad spectrum of high-quality, specifically optimized sealing solutions ranging from standard solutions to specialized system solutions for nearly any application in the pharmaceutical industry.